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With 14 years of experience exclusively in criminal law, John L. Venza Jr. promises a dynamic defense.

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The Law Office of John L. Venza Jr. serves clients exclusively in criminal defense cases and can help you combat a wide range of charges.

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Fort Bend County Criminal Attorney

Relentless Criminal Defense for those Accused by the Government

When charged with a crime, you need an attorney for your criminal defense case in Fort Bend County, Texas who will relentlessly fight for you and who knows how the government operates.

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Consequences of an Arrest in Texas

Criminal charges have both short and long-term effects. Whether the potential consequence is losing your driver's license because of a DWI charge or losing your freedom if charged with a violent felony crime, you need legal representation to ensure that your rights are defended. I spent five years working as an Assiatant District Attorney. During that time, I personally handled plea negotiations for hundreds of cases and argued over 100 felony and misdemeanor trials before Texas juries. I tried every kind of case, from speeding tickets to domestic assault and murder. My trial approach wasand still isaggressive, hard-hitting, and relentless. After achieving the position of Senior Prosecutor in a Felony District Court, I left the D.A.'s office to open my own criminal law practice.

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Know Your Enemy

In establishing the Law Office of John L. Venza Jr., I resolved to take the skills that made me a successful prosecutor and turn them against the government to vindicate you. The dogged determination and focus that characterized my five years of prosecuting cases can be turned loose on the government and its accusations against you.

What steps do I take to prepare the best defense on your behalf?

  • I conduct on-site investigations and interviews with witnesses.
  • I comb through the State's file, thoroughly examining the alleged evidence against you, and expose the errors made by police and investigators.
  • I combine my passion for criminal law with meticulous attention to detail.
  • I do not hesitate to bring a case to trial to fight for exoneration.
  • I know what to do and say to maximize the chances of achieving a dismissal.

Protecting Your Rights with a Fort Bend County Criminal Lawyer

Nothing beats preventing the government from exercising its raw power against its citizenry. Your freedom is at stake. Your rights are in jeopardy. Your reputation hangs in the balance. A charge of DWI / drunk driving, a drug offense, theft, or assault does not automatically mean a conviction. I provide a proactive criminal defense and look forward to hammering away at the government lawyers and their case against you. Even though I am a "defense" lawyer, I run my practice on "offense," all the time. I am educated in all aspects of the Texas criminal legal system, and I bring my intelligence, knowledge, and experience to the table for every client.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation at my office, which is conveniently located off of Highway 59, please contact me now at (281) 971-5660.

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