Facing 4th of July DWI Charges in Fort Bend?

You are well within your rights to fully enjoy your 4th of July festivities with family and friends by having a few drinks. On Independence Day, it is a time to celebrate. The sad thing about such a joyous occasion is that a series of unfortunate events could turn innocent fun into a DWI charge. You could be facing time in jail, extensive fines, and a stained personal record—unless you get the rigorous defense you deserve. At the Law Office of John L. Venza, Jr., you can find the unyielding DWI defense you need to clear your name.

It is possible that law enforcement did not have any type of case against you to begin with. With the myriad of 4th of July sobriety checkpoints in Fort Bend, you could easily be falsely stopped and accused of drunk driving without warrant. While it is natural for police officers to want to keep the streets safe, they can become overzealous on holidays such as this. An unlawful police stop on the 4th of July is enough to throw your charge out. An officer must have probable cause to stop you, and further reason to test your sobriety. To be pulled over, an officer must see you run a stop sign, swerve in and out of lanes, speed, or commit some other unlawful action. Before asking to administer any tests, law enforcement must observe obvious signs of intoxication, such as an open alcohol container in the front seat. In addition, this holiday weekend is known as a "No Refusal" weekend; meaning you do not have the right to refuse BAC testing when requested by law enforcement.

Even if you were legally tested and found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or more, an experienced Sugar Land DWI attorney can combat these results. Field sobriety tests are notorious for yielding inaccurate results, as a mere lack of coordination, uneven surface or physical impairment can cause someone to fail. Breath tests depend on an officer being thorough and competent in administering the test, and the instrument itself requires regular cleaning and calibration. Blood tests can be more accurate, but that does not mean that they are free from error. Along each step of the process, taking the sample, labeling, testing, and sealing it, human error can easily affect the results. If your Fort Bend 4th of July DWI charge and arrest were unwarranted, then a committed Fort Bend County DWI lawyer can find the defense that will protect your freedom and future.

Whether you were charged with a 4th of July DWI in Fort Bend, Sugar Land, or another area in Texas, I can provide the unrelenting defense you deserve. Do not let an erroneous DWI charge on the 4th of July turn into a conviction. With a former felony prosecutor on your side, you can feel ready and confident in facing your charges. You can start your defense by calling to schedule your free consultation. Time is of the essence, so contact my firm today!

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