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Possession Charges for Small Amounts of Drugs

Drug Crime Defense Attorney in Fort Bend

When law enforcement stops you and finds a small amount of cocaine, meth, ecstasy, marijuana or prescription drugs, there can be serious legal ramifications. In many cases, the accused individual may have never been caught in the criminal justice system, and this is a first offense. Being arrested and charged with a drug crime is an extremely frightening experience, and sadly, in the State of Texas, you have very real reasons for concern. Even small amounts of some drugs can lead to felony charges in some cases. A misdemeanor drug crime involving marijuana, methamphetamines, prescription drugs or other controlled substances can have penalties that include jail time, fines and a permanently compromised criminal record. For those in professional fields, it can lead to the loss of a license and the inability to practice your profession.

The first step to take is to get in touch with a Fort Bend criminal lawyer that has experience, a track record of success, and is relentless in fighting for the defense. At my firm, The Law Office of John L. Venza Jr., I am proud of the accomplishments and successes I have achieved for my clients. I have prosecution experience, having served for 5 years as an Assistant District Attorney. I have prosecuted many cases, and I know how the process works. I saw how many people were convicted, merely due to the poor level of defense that they had. I don't want this to happen to you. Even the innocent can be convicted if their cases wind up mishandled by unqualified attorneys. You must be proactive and get in touch with me if you are facing charges involving a small amount of any drug. A criminal record will impact your life significantly, even on a misdemeanor charge. You may have the possibility of getting the charges dismissed, but we must act quickly for you.

Illegal Police Stops - Violations of Constitutional Rights

You have rights under the Constitution and are protected from illegal search and seizure. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution as well as Article 1, Section 9 of the Texas Constitution are both implicated anytime you are detained by law enforcement. Did they truly have probable cause to stop you? If not, any evidence that they found (including a small amount of drugs) could be inadmissible. The number of times that this occurs is far more often than many people realize, and it is certainly more frequent than law enforcement will ever admit. You should not accept any sort of plea bargain without first having every detail of your case evaluated carefully and by a true legal professional. I know what law enforcement is allowed to do, and how to identify the errors and flaws that could be present in a case in which a small amount of drugs were found in your car, home or on your person. If the letter of the law was followed, and you were stopped legally, I will do everything possible to help you to gain an advantage and avoid a conviction and whatever penalties might come with it. Whether your case is simple or complex, my background serving on the other side can be invaluable. I know how to negotiate successfully, how to present a persuasive case, and how to craft a defense that has a better chance of success. You need my experience and skills on your side if you are facing drug crime charges, either for the first time, or if you have prior convictions.

Contact my office and retain a skilled drug crime lawyer in Fort Bend if you have been arrested for possession of a small amount of drugs.



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