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Credit Card & Debit Card Crimes

About Credit & Debit Card Crimes

Like forgery and other theft and property offenses, credit and debit card crimes are considered crimes of moral turpitude. In other words, if you are convicted, you will tend to be viewed as a dishonest person by prospective employers, police officers, and others who can access your criminal record. As a result, a conviction of a credit or debit card crime can have a significant negative impact on your reputation and your prospects for employment for the rest of your life.

At the Law Office of John L. Venza Jr., I provide aggressive defense representation in many different types of criminal cases, including credit and debit card fraud. One of the best reasons to choose my firm is the fact that I am a former prosecutor for the state of Texas, a background which makes me well-equipped to take on the challenge of fighting the charges you face. Knowing how the other side prosecutes these cases helps me create a stronger defense because I understand what the district attorney is looking at when building case.

Felonious Fraud

When you swipe someone else's credit or debit card even one time, you are committing a state jail felony punishable by hefty fines and the possibility of jail time.

There are a number of credit or debit card offenses you may be charged with in Texas:

  • Credit or debit card abuse, which is using someone else's card without permission
  • Corporate credit card abuse, which is using a company credit card above and beyond the uses permitted
  • Credit card transaction record laundering, which is presenting a fraudulent credit card transaction record of a sale
  • Making false statements to obtain property or credit, which includes lying on your application for a credit card or lying to a bank

Other criminal offenses that are listed under the same section of the Texas penal code as credit and debit card fraud include:

  • Hindering secured creditors, which is the rarely charged crime of taking a car out of state when there is a secured note against it
  • Fraudulent transfer of a motor vehicle

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