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Fourth of July DWI Charges in Texas

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Independence Day can be an exciting time with friends and family. Around a pool, at a barbecue, watching the fireworks, you should feel free to enjoy a refreshing drink. After all, this is a holiday celebration. Be that as it may, innocent fun can have unintended, undeserved consequences. Even though you may have started driving with the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) of less than .08 percent, the body's delayed absorption could mean that when you run into a sobriety checkpoint or police officer, your BAC may have spiked to a higher number. This could land you with a false 4th of July DWI charge, jail time, fines, and a tainted record. There are many reasons why you may be facing an unfair DWI charge. If you have been charged with a DWI in Fort Bend or any surrounding area, the first step you need to take is picking up the phone and calling The Law Office of John L. Venza Jr.

DWI Charges and Defenses in Fort Bend

Officers are on high alert on holidays for drivers who are under the influence. Fort Bend County sobriety checkpoints on the 4th of July might be stepped up and, of course, it is only fair that they try to keep the streets as safe as possible. Unfortunately, the innocent suffer from this too. For example, law enforcement can only pull you over if he or she has a valid reason for doing so, such as if you were speeding, ran a red light, etc. An overzealous police officer will have violated your rights if you were stopped for no reason.

Field Sobriety and Chemical Tests

Additionally, an officer can only administer sobriety tests if there is further reason to suspect that you are intoxicated, such as an open container of alcohol in the front seat. If an officer lacked probable cause, then it could be considered an illegal police stop. Your charge would then deserve to be dismissed. Even if everything checks out up to the point of sobriety tests, there is ample room for error in any one of these tests. It is possible for a skilled DWI lawyer to find an unassailable defense from the very tests that were used to accuse you of a DWI in the first place. Field sobriety tests are especially open to challenge. Medical conditions, a lack of coordination, and a plethora of other reasons can contribute to skewed results.

Chemical tests provide no guarantee either. A breath test relies on the officer and if he or she administered the test correctly. The instrument must have been properly calibrated and cleaned as well to obtain more accurate results. Hyperventilating or burping before the test are enough to change the results from a legal to an illegal reading. The more reliable blood test is open to error at each step of the process as well. Even the timing of the test can yield misleading results, as the more time that has passed since you drank, the higher the BAC reading will be. It is important to realize, however, that this weekend has a "No Refusal" policy for checking sobriety, which means that you cannot say no to a field sobriety or chemical test. An experienced DWI attorney can examine your case and work to defend your charges though, even by overturning breath and blood tests.

The High Price of False DWI Charges

Whatever the reason you are facing 4th of July DWI charges, a strong defense is both possible and necessary. These are serious charges that could affect the rest of your life. Do not let others' mistakes leave you sentenced to jail, slapped with hefty fines, and left with a blot on your record. A first time DWI charge is enough to warrant these penalties. If you face felony charges, any background check, application for work or desire to pursue housing can be thwarted by an erroneous conviction. These are consequences you cannot afford to live with. Do not let a 4th of July Fort Bend sobriety checkpoint or unwarranted 4th of July DWI arrest in Fort Bend to put your future at risk.

Aggressive 4th of July DWI Defense in the Fort Bend Area

When you are confronted with such dire consequences, I understand that you need relentless defense. At the Law Office of John L. Venza, Jr., you can find dedicated legal representation to combat your every charge. As a former felony prosecutor, I am well-versed on how both sides of a criminal trial operate. I know how the prosecution thinks, will look at evidence, and build a case. I can exploit the errors in their charges.

A false charge on 4th of July can threaten your freedom and the rest of your life. You cannot afford to have apathetic or novice representation. I can launch a vigorous defense to clear your name and safeguard your freedom and future. You can get started immediately on a robust defense of your charges.

If you have been charged with a DWI on the 4th of July in Fort Bend County, then someone is already crafting a case against you. Do not hesitate to contact my firm today!

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