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Delivery of Drugs Charges

Drug Crimes Attorney in Fort Bend

Drug delivery, possession with intent to distribute and drug manufacturing are far more serious charges than misdemeanor drug possession. The penalties for felony drug charges such as delivery of drugs in Fort Bend include jail time, a criminal record and fines. In some cases, the charges are filed in federal court, which could expose you to even more serious penalties. At my firm, Law Office of John L. Venza Jr. I can provide you with a free and confidential consultation if you have recently been arrested for a drug offense and are concerned about your future freedom.

With more than a decade of experience I am able to immediately analyze your case and know where its strengths and weaknesses lie. I am a former felony prosecutor, which allows me to identify the flaws in the case against you, and what action to take to pursue an acquittal. If you are currently in need of a Fort Bend drug crime defense lawyer that will aggressively defend you, and employs detail-oriented and cutting edge strategies, do not wait to contact my firm. I can provide you with a free consultation so that you can get a better understanding of your options. I have been very successful in getting positive verdicts as well as case dismissals, and am ready to get to work on your defense immediately.

Drug Delivery Charges May Affect Your Immigration Status

If you are not currently a U.S. citizen, an arrest for a drug offense will have a negative effect on your immigration status and will likely lead to deportation. Retaining legal counsel from a highly experienced drug crime attorney is your best chance of winning, and avoiding being deported from the country, far from your family, job and life. Drug delivery, drug trafficking and smuggling charges could involve large amounts of illegal substances. The quantity of the drug alleged to be in your possession, and the type of substance, will have affect the level of the charges filed against you. In addition, if drug paraphernalia such as scales and packaging are found, it can result in a drug delivery charge even if the amount of the drug alleged to be in your possession is minor.

Our state heavily punishes drug crimes, including charges of drug delivery; please contact my firm on an immediate basis so that I can review your case. I look forward to speaking with you.

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Developing the right strategy and using my connections in the legal community, I will do my best to get your case dismissed so you can move on with your life. 

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