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If you have recently been convicted after an unfair trial or if you have just pled to a plea bargain that you now want to undo, you need to act quickly in retaining a lawyer to file a motion for new trial for you. Faster than a full-blown appeal, a motion for new trial gives the trial court an opportunity to undo a conviction or a plea bargain and set the accused back to the position he or she was in before being found guilty or entering into the plea bargain agreement.

Sometimes a motion for new trial is a de facto prerequisite to appealing the outcome of your case. This is true when there are reasons why your conviction or plea bargain agreement ought to be set aside and those reasons are not immediately apparent from the court reporter's record. A common example of the type of mistake that might not appear in the record but that could lead the court to undo the verdict or plea is a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel. If your original lawyer did a bad job of fighting your case, then a motion for new trial can be used to show the judge in your case that you did not get a fair defense and that your case was adversely impacted as a result. Whether it was a failure to contact witnesses that might have been favorable to you, a misunderstanding of the applicable law, or just a general lack of reasonable trial strategy, a motion for new trial can be employed to make your trial lawyer answer for the mistakes that led to your conviction or unfair plea bargain.

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At the Law Office of John L. Venza Jr., I know how important is to you to undo the mistakes of the judge who handled your case, the lawyer who represented you, or – as is often the situation – a combination of both. If you join forces with me, I will use my experience, knowledge, and access to investigative assistance to rapidly advance your motion for new trial. You do not have to live with a conviction or plea bargain that was not obtained fairly.

If you want to get your case pointed in the direction, contact my office at (281) 817-8737 for a free consultation on getting your motion for new trial granted.

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