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DWI and Vehicle Impoundment – What You Should Know

If you have been arrested for a DWI, you could be facing consequences such as the suspension of your driver's license and jail time. But if you had a DWI conviction in the last 10 years and your blood alcohol test is reported to have registered at .10 % or a higher level of alcohol in your blood, or you refused to submit to a blood alcohol test, the arresting officer could order vehicle impoundment as well. Once your car has been impounded, it can be kept for five days if you had a single DWI conviction in the last 10 years or up to fifteen days if you have had two or more convictions during that period of time. Having your vehicle impounded is a real problem, but I can help you fight to get it back.

Defense Against Vehicle Impoundment in DWI Charges

When your vehicle has been impounded, it will be returned to you at the end of the impoundment period of five to fifteen days, depending on the specifics of your DWI arrest. Keep in mind that the impounding agency must send you a notice certified mail, return receipt requested, informing you that your vehicle has been impounded. If they fail to notify you within two working days, the impounding agency won't be able to charge more than five days of impoundment when you pick up your car. You will be forced to pay the cost of towing and storage of your vehicle in order to get it back.

I understand how important your vehicle is to you and I want to see it returned to you as quickly as possible. I have vast experience in DWI defense and I will do whatever it takes to for your rights. I am a former a prosecutor, and I have defended countless DWI cases, and have a great deal of experience at trial. Few defense lawyers can offer the hands-on experience and knowledge that I have of correct and proper law enforcement procedures and DWI charges.

Call me today at the Law Office of John L. Venza Jr. and let me put my experience to work for you.



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