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Felony DWI - How To Fight Back

Criminal Attorney for Felony DWI Charges in Fort Bend

If you or someone you love is facing felony DWI charges, it is imperative that you act quickly and retain the services of an effective, seasoned and professional Fort Bend felony DWI attorney. At my firm, The Law Office of John L. Venza Jr., I have specific skills and experience I bring to the table for my clients. As a former DWI prosecutor, I have a great deal of insight into the process, and what types of defense cases are effective in challenging criminal accusations involving felony charges for DWI, whether the case is related to several prior convictions, a serious accident or fatality. My training in DWI science is extensive, including training on the breath testing equipment, and how these units can fail, or a breath sample may not have been tested correctly. I also have cross-examined many blood toxicology experts in cases related to drug intoxication.

Any felony case is a very serious legal problem. The penalties can range from a year in prison up to many years in state prison. Once the prison term is completed, there are further repercussions. Issues such as the ability to hold a professional license, vote, own a firearm, get a loan and many other areas of life will impacted. It is advised that you take the immediate first step and contact my firm. The earlier I can get involved in your defense, the more options could exist for a dismissal, reduced charge or other advantage. I am extremely proactive in defending my clients, and I know how important taking early action is to a positive case outcome.

Prior Convictions for DWI

When an individual has 2 prior convictions for DWI, it can be a serious legal problem. Repeat offenders are believed to have a problem with alcohol, and to be a danger to society in general. A third DWI within a specific number of years, you could be facing felony charges and substantially increased penalties. The court can mandate an alcohol treatment program as well. The penalties imposed can range from 2 – 10 years in state prison and a fine as high as $10,000. If punishment is avoided through an alternative, it will include the completion of an extensive treatment program called Substance Abuse Felony Probation, or SAFP, which will involve confinement in an alcohol rehabilitation facility approved by the state.

Intoxication Assault: A Felony

When an individual has been fatally injured and died after a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle accident, and the party accused of causing the accident is alleged to have been driving above the legal limit, a felony charge of intoxication manslaughter will be filed, a 2nd degree felony, with a minimum mandatory sentence of 2 years, and as long as 20, and a fines can range as high as $10,000. If the individual has suffered severe bodily injury, that created a "substantial risk of death or protected loss or impairment..." under Title 10, Chapter 19, Section 49.07 of the Texas Penal code, the charge will be intoxication assault, with similar potential penalties, and a mandatory 2 years in state prison. This is a 3rd degree felony charge. There are enhanced penalties, minimum sentences and other problems to address, and you must ensure that you have the highest quality, experienced DWI lawyer on your side. This is a critical point, as I have had extensive trial experience, and knowledge gained through my service as a DWI prosecutor.

Contact my firm at once if you have been charged with felony DWI, or are expecting that you will be charged with this criminal offense. My firm is available day and night and when I take on a case, I move into fast action for the defense.



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