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Requesting to Have a Restraining Order Dropped

Do you wish to fight a restraining order that has been issued against you for alleged family violence? I am attorney John L. Venza Jr., and I have the knowledge and skills required to relentlessly defend you against your protective order. My experience in criminal cases as a defense lawyer in Texas is well documented. I am dedicated to protecting the rights and reputation of my clients and am ready to begin working on your case immediately.

As a former prosecutor for the state of Texas, I have intimate familiarity with the approach taken by law enforcement agencies and the courts in our area in respect to cases of domestic violence. This unique background gives me insight into the challenges you will face when requesting to have the order of protection dismissed, as well as an understanding of what the judge and prosecutor need to see in order to be persuaded to grant your request. Whether you are a resident of Fort Bend, Richmond, Sugar Land or surrounding cities, it is my desire to make myself available to each of my clients no matter what their case entails. Get in touch with my office right away if you are dealing with a protective order case.

Family Violence Protection Orders Are Strict

If you have a restraining order or a protective order issued against you in Fort Bend, there are many rules that you must follow, including:

  • Vacating the premises of the person who issued the order, regardless of whose name is on the lease or deed
  • Stopping all contact with the issuer, including phone, e-mail, and texting
  • Giving up all firearms
  • Continuing to pay spousal support

The order may additionally award the alleged victim temporary custody of any children you have together and require you to pay child support, as well as to complete a domestic violence treatment program and prohibit you from transferring or disposing of shared property. Violation of the terms of the order can result in harsh criminal penalties, and you must abide by the order fully to avoid serious consequences. This applies even if the alleged victim contacts you and expresses a desire to reconcile; the order is being pressed by the State, not by the other party, and only the court can decide to drop the injunction against contact. Don't take any chances with the outcome of the situation.

Contact me now if you have been charged with a protective order, so that I can help you resolve the matter.


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