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When you have a friend or loved one languishing in the Fort Bend County Jail, it is imperative that you do everything you can to help secure that person's release. The main reason for this is that the accused will have much more leverage in dealing with the Fort Bend County D.A.'s Office when he or she is in the free world.

In order to get your friend or loved one out of jail, you are going to need to either put up what is called a "cash bond" for the full amount of the bond or go through a bonding company. A cash bond usually involves pledging a significant amount of cash, most of which is refunded to you at the conclusion of the case. For many people, a cash bond requires too much money to be gathered all at once.

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A more affordable method for many is to use a bonding company. When hiring a bonding company to help free someone from jail, you pay the bonding company a percentage of the overall bond. This is invariably a much more affordable way to get the defendant out quickly.

ABC Bail Bond Company

There are many bonding companies in Fort Bend County, but the one I recommend to all of my clients is ABC Bonding Company, which is owned and operated by Bill and Barbie Benton. ABC Bonding company was started by Bill's father in 1950, and they have had a location in Richmond, Texas since the 1960's. Located at 1612 Williams Way Boulevard, Richmond, Texas 77469, they are literally right next to the Fort Bend County Jail. Their proximity to the jail enables them to process the bonds in a fast and efficient manner, thereby getting your friend or loved one out of jail that much faster.

ABC Bonding Company takes pride in the level of service they provide to their clients. They know that in Fort Bend County, a defendant might have multiple court settings over the lifespan of a criminal case. With prompt reminders, they make sure that both the clients and the cosigners are aware of when the court settings are. Serving Sugar Land and the rest of Fort Bend County.

Don't let someone you care about have to fight it out in the Fort Bend County Jail. Call ABC Bonding company today at 281-342-2728. To learn more about ABC Bonding Company, please visit their website.

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