Can I Get in Trouble if I’m Caught with a Thief?

Many people shop with friends to get feedback on their styles. Unfortunately, some friends see these gatherings as ways to “hide in plain sight” when stealing from stores. Therefore, what happens if you’re with a friend when they are caught for theft?

Aiders & Abettors of Thieves

A thief is someone who steals property, but anyone who helps that person steal the property could be implicated for the crime. Therefore, if you are caught with a thief, you could be charged for stealing based on the circumstances.

You may be arrested for stealing if the following is true:

  • You knew your friend was going to steal; and
  • You intentionally drew attention from your friend to help the heist;
  • You helped your friend make a plan to steal;
  • You work at the store where your friend stole from, and you gave insider information to help them steal.

You might be arrested by cops even if you didn’t know that your friend stole. The evidence may implicate you, but an experienced theft attorneycan help you show your innocence in a court of law.

Have You Been Arrested for Stealing?

If you or a loved one has been arrested for theft, you have the right to defend your case. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you gather the facts and fight for your rights. If you’re ready for relentless criminal defense, Law Office of John L. Venza Jr is here to help!

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