Arrested for Possession: Never Say These Three Things

There are a variety of emotional responses people have when being arrested for possession: some people get angry, some get sad, and others get nervous. However, regardless of your emotional response, one thing is sure: you should never say one of these three things.

1. Yes, Those Are My Drugs.

The first thing you should never say when arrested for possession is that the drugs are, in fact, your drugs. In Texas law, prosecutors must prove that you knew that the drugs existed to convict you of possession.

If you admit that the drugs are yours, you’re only making the prosecution's job that much easier. Therefore, stay silent, and never say or agree with officers that the drugs are your drugs.

2. I Don’t Take the Drugs; I Only Sell Them!

This phrase is terrible for your case. Possession charges aren’t good, but if you try to shift the blame off yourself by saying you only sell the drugs, you just made your case much, much worse.

Penalties for dealing drugs are much harsher than simple possession charges, so you never want to say that you, “only deal drugs,” to defend yourself against possession charges!

3. You Can Search My Things; I Have Nothing to Hide.

You never want to hand police officers a license to go through your things. Typically, the police must establish probable cause to go through your belongings, but if you consent to a search, they can automatically look through your stuff.

Therefore, if an officer asks if he can search through stuff, always say no!

Get the Help You Need

If you’ve been accused of drug possession, you need an experienced drug possession attorney on your case. The Law Office of John L. Venza Jr. is proud to have represented clients in possession cases of various kinds.

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