Can Parents Call the Cops on Teens for Stealing?

Disappointed parents talking to teen

The saying goes that blood is thicker than water, but is it thicker than criminal activity? Well, the answer is “no” for some parents, and these parents may want to know if they can turn their kids in for stealing. Let’s determine if parents can turn their kids in for committing a theft.

Can Parents Turn Kids in?

In short, the answer is yes; parents can turn in their kids for committing crimes. Therefore, if a child decides to steal from a parent, the parent could call the cops on the child for breaking the law.

Additionally, parents can report their children for criminal charges even if the parents aren’t victims. Hence, parents could call the cops on their children if they have reason to believe they are dealing drugs, harming animals, or committing other criminal acts.

It’s important to note that parents typically do not have a legal obligation to report their child to the police. However, parents may have a responsibility to report their children if they believe someone had been severely injured or killed by their child’s actions.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the law works both ways. Children can call the police on their parents for committing criminal acts if they choose to do so. There you have it; parents can legally call the police on their kids if they steal something from them.

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