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The police have evidence against me - shouldn't I just plead guilty?

While there are cases in which the best option is to accept a plea bargain, you should never do so without first consulting with a criminal defense attorney. Even if the police have evidence that tends to prove your guilt, it may still be possible to beat the charges by demonstrating that the evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Sometimes it is possible to have charges dismissed by pointing out law enforcement's mistakes in gathering the evidence, such as violating the defendant's Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure. If a plea bargain is your only option, you should still have your attorney negotiate for a better deal - the prosecutor's first offer is rarely the best offer available.

How can I avoid conviction for DWI?

Many people who are arrested for driving while intoxicated give up any hope of avoiding a conviction based on the fact that they failed a roadside field sobriety test or a blood test. In most cases, this is a serious mistake. The fact is that drunk driving enforcement is riddled with problems, and it is often possible to find one or more errors on the part of law enforcement in this type of case. For example, many DWI traffic stops are made without probable cause and are therefore a violation of the defendant's constitutional rights. Police officers frequently make mistakes in explaining and administering the field sobriety tests, which are notoriously subjective. Breathalyzer test results can be skewed by factors such as mouth alcohol or radio frequency interference from other equipment, and blood test samples are sometimes contaminated or even accidentally mixed up with other people's samples. Let an attorney review your case for weaknesses before making any further decisions about how to proceed.

What is mandatory sex offender registration?

Under state law, many sex crimes carry a punishment in addition to a sentence including fines and time in jail or prison. Being convicted for certain offenses means that the individual will be required to register as a sex offender. The result is that the individual will have a profile on a publicly accessible website that includes information such as a personal photograph, detailed physical description, vehicle registration information, home address, work address, and details about the crime.

What is the sentence for a drug crime?

The punishment for a drug-related offense, such as possession or manufacturing , depends on several factors. Some drugs are considered to be more dangerous than others, and, consequently, these carry a harsher penalty. The quantity of drugs involved is also a factor; if you are found with more drugs than would be required for personal use, then you may be suspected of possession with intent to distribute or trafficking. Your existing criminal record may also be a factor. If this is your first arrest, you may receive a lighter sentence than if you have previously been convicted of drug crimes. The penalties can range from fines and probation to a lengthy sentence in prison.

How do you prepare a case?

A criminal case can be likened to a war. When I take a case, I do everything I can to prepare the battlefield for trial. I scour the police report for mistakes and inconsistencies, because by exposing these mistakes, I can often gain leverage against the district attorney. I take pride in knowing the D.A.'s case better than the D.A. knows it when the case goes to trial. My experience as a prosecutor and my exhaustive legal knowledge help me to devise tactics that the D.A. has not seen before and will not expect. This may not be the easiest or fastest way to prepare a case, but it pays dividends in producing excellent results for my clients.

Why should I hire you?

At the Law Office of John L. Venza Jr., I provide relentless criminal defense representation to my clients because I know how much is at stake for your future. With my experience as a former felony prosecutor, I know how to effectively combat the charges you face and am prepared to take on the most challenging cases. I am familiar with the judges and district attorneys in the local courts and have earned a reputation for fighting aggressively to defend my clients' rights. Contact me now for a free, confidential consultation to learn more about how I can help you and to begin working on your defense.

Challenging Blood Toxicology Reports

I have personally cross-examined many blood toxicology experts, and I know what to look for in evidence, and what potential flaws could exist in a blood toxicology report. For example, certain physical conditions could influence a blood test. My experience in challenging this evidence and success rate in court can be a great benefit to you if you are accused of driving while under the influence of any pharmaceutical or "street drug." Cross examination is an art, and a great depth of understanding of the science behind the report is critical if you hope to gain ground in challenging a blood toxicology expert. I have the knowledge, skills and experience that can benefit you in this aspect of your case.

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