Bank Robberies Continue in Fort Bend Area

There has been a recent string of bank robberies, and the most recent one took place at the Capital One Bank in Sugar Land, located on Highway 6 South. The man was reported to be dressed in a business suit and wearing a "floppy hat." He is reported to have waved a handgun at the tellers at the branch, and demanding that they put cash into a black or grey bag he brought to the bank location. The bank robber also wore sunglasses and a bandanna, and will be hard to identify.

Less than a month ago two armed men held up another bank at the Chase Bank on Grand Parkway. The two men are reported to have escaped in a vehicle and the amount of cash they had is not known. Law enforcement is stepping up its focus due to the increase in bank robberies in the area. Those who are accused of committing bank robbery will face very harsh punishments if convicted. Banks are protected by both state and federal law, and the felony crime of bank robbery could be filed in either state or federal court.

An earlier robbery that took place in Houston is believed to be related, as the two suspects both wore bandanas and were dressed in suits, and once again wore floppy hats. Both the Fort Bend Police and the FBI are involved in pursuing leads with the hope of identifying the perpetrators in these cases.

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