Truth Be Told: A Deeper Look into False Claims

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If you have been falsely accused of a crime, the time is now to act and mount a strong and compelling defense. Retaining an attorney with the experience to analyze your case thoroughly and to plan a proper defense is vital to countering and defeating such false claims. If you are seeking the best Texas criminal defense attorney for your situation, the Law Office of John Venza should be your first call.

Handling False Accusations

False accusations can have a devastating effect on your life. They have the ability to destroy personal relationships, cost you your job, and leave you incarcerated until your case is tried. Often, the accused does not feel as if they are "innocent until proven guilty".

This is because the accused is held in county jail sometimes for indefinite periods of time pending trial. Personal possessions such as cell phones, credit cards, jewelry, motor vehicles, and the like are withheld by the prosecutor as items incident to the alleged crime. Such treatment leaves family and friends wondering if the accusations are, in fact, true.

Employers will take swift action and either suspend or outright discharge an employee at the first hint of accusations before all of the facts have come to light. Social media is quick to convict anyone who has been accused, soiling, and sometimes ruining a reputation that took a lifetime to build in no time at all.

Don’t Let False Accusations Become a Reality

As a former district court felony assistant District Attorney, John Venza has unique insight into the strategy the district attorney employs when it comes to prosecuting cases. This is what sets the Law Offices of John Venza apart from any other Texas criminal defense attorney—keen awareness, knowledge, and familiarity with the steps the district attorney takes when planning a trial strategy.

It is essential to meet false accusations with a swift and strong defense. First, showing that you intend to defend all accusations with zealous representation places the accuser and prosecutor on notice that they better have solid proof to be presented at the time of trial. Second, it will place your accuser on notice that you intend to fight for your rights every step of the way. Having a strong advocate takes back the leverage that you lose when you are falsely accused and enables you to take comfort in the fact that you have an attorney who committed to vindicating your name.

With over eighteen years of experience as an attorney and over one thousand cases dismissed, John Venza is the attorney that Fort Bend County citizens have come to know and trust. His lengthy experience with the district attorney shines every step of the way, from your initial consultation through the time of trial. John Venza is personally invested in each of his cases. This is shown by the way he takes an active role in fighting for your rights. When the district attorney's office sees John Venza on the other side of the Courtroom, they realize they have their work cut out for them, given his stellar reputation as a top Texas criminal defense attorney.

Visit the Law Office of John Venza today if you have been arrested and have questions. Our FAQ page is a great resource to find answers to immediate questions.

At this critical time, defending your name and honor is a must. To do so, you need an advocate who is eager to defend and protect your rights. Our team has the experience, know-how, and desire to mount a vigorous defense no matter what accusations you are facing.

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