Domestic Violence and Assault in Texas

Over the years, the response by law enforcement to domestic violence and assault charges has changed considerably. In early years, police officers could simply go to a home (or some other location), evaluate the situation, and make a reasonable decision on how to move forward. Now, law enforcement agencies approach the situation very differently. Quite often, police department policies will direct police officers to always make an arrest when responding to charges of domestic violence, even in cases where the alleged victim protests. Any Sugar Land criminal lawyer will tell you that, as a result, the number of domestic violence charges has gone through the roof, and a lot of otherwise innocent individuals have found themselves placed under arrest.

What's worse is the fact that if the accused is charged with domestic violence, Texas' "no drop" policy forbids the complaining party from dropping the charges. In the alternative, the state will pick up the charges and move forward with them to court, despite the complaining party's wishes. That being the case, it is imperative that if you've been charged with domestic violence, you need to speak with a Sugar Land criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Domestic violence and assault charges can hurt your reputation, hinder your ability to make a living, and lead to fines and more jail time.

In Texas, the term "domestic violence" also gets called a number of other things, from family violence to spousal abuse. However, officially, the offense in Texas goes by the legal name of "assault," which is a misdemeanor. There are a variety of forms of domestic violence, and it can include physical and emotional abuse, stalking, harassment, and even threatening calls. Moreover, the individuals who are involved in the domestic violence may be married, heterosexual, homosexual, separated, or dating.

Generally speaking, domestic violence/assault is an aggressive behavior that can include acts of a corporal, sexual, monetary, emotional, or psychosomatic nature. The consequences for such domestic violence can be harsh, so it is crucial that you be proactive in finding the best Sugar Land criminal lawyer that you can find. If you need a Sugar Land criminal lawyer, please contact John Venza at 281-971-5660 for a free consultation.

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