Witnesses in a Grand Jury Investigation

In many cases, witnesses and persons of interest have been subpoenaed to produce documents or testify before a grand jury, only to find that they become the subject of the grand jury's investigation. When unprepared for the complexity of facing such a jury, many witnesses incriminate themselves or unintentionally draw attention to their role in a possible crime. Even if you are only a witness in a grand jury, do not testify until you have consulted with an experienced Sugar Land criminal defense attorney.

Witnesses are individuals who have evidence of the crime but typically no exposure to prosecution. In order to avoid exposure and become a subject of the investigation, witnesses are advised to simply tell the truth without invoking any sympathies or ulterior motives regarding their own scandals. A skilled Sugar Land criminal defense attorney will defend your rights as witness and offer you crucial legal advice so that you can avoid any involvement in the investigation, other than just a witness.

Witnesses can invoke their right of immunity. There are many things both you and your Sugar Land criminal defense attorney need to take into consideration before demanding immunity. If you have been subpoenaed as only a witness, a demand for immunity may make the prosecution suspicious and cause the investigation to shift to your activities. This may result in a denial of an immunity request and actually make you a subject of interest.

Unlike a typical trial, prosecutors can use hearsay in grand jury investigations. As such, if a prosecution insists on you to testifying, there may be some ulterior motives. You should always inquire why you have been subpoenaed to testify.

Another negative impact of demanding immunity is that it may signal that you did something wrong. Although grand jury investigations are not publicized and kept secret, the public typically learns of who testified and who was immunized. As such, invoking immunity may accompany a cloud of infamy, especially if the case goes to trial.

Lastly, anxious and overly aggressive law enforcement can investigate witnesses and, often, find a way to charge them with a crime. Your right must be defended by an aggressive Sugar Land criminal defense lawyer, even though you are just a witness in the grand jury investigation.

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