The Defense Attorney's Role in Police Investigations

It is important for your Sugar Land criminal attorney to accompany you during any police investigations and interrogations to make sure there is no violation of your legal and constitutional rights.

Your Attorney's Role

Your Sugar Land criminal attorney's role during police investigations is three-fold:

1. To prevent police abuse of your constitutional rights

2. To prevent an intrusive investigation

3. To prevent you from incriminating yourself by inadvertently blurting out an admission

Your Sugar Land criminal attorney will also make necessary objections to certain police questions and prevent the police from engaging in unconstitutional line ups. Additionally, your attorney will also make sure the police are aware that you have been legally advised not to answer any questions and not to consent to any search requests.

Your Attorney Will Prepare You For The Bail Interview

Another important role is for your Sugar Land criminal attorney to properly prepare you for your bail interview. One of the most important things your attorney will want you to keep in mind is to answer the questions honestly and truthfully. Your attorney will also advise you to answer questions that may elicit incriminating information, even if you don't want to, unless the prosecution would not otherwise be able to discover that throughout the criminal proceedings. Perjury should always be avoided.

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