More Officers Looking for Impaired Drivers on Memorial Day Weekend

Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are making plans to boost patrols during Memorial Day weekend in efforts to catch drunk drivers or drug-impaired drivers. These agencies include the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). In the state of Texas, it is against the law to drive while intoxicated by a controlled substance. This type of crime is known as a DWI offense.

According to a recent Fort Bend Herald article, there will be an increase number of state troopers scouring the roads from Friday, May 24th through Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day). In addition to impaired drivers, the troopers will also be looking for those who are not wearing their seatbelts, speeding and breaking the law in other ways. DPS did the same thing during Memorial Day weekend last year. As a result, the statewide agency ended up making 609 arrests for alleged drunk driving, according to the news article. DPS also gave out more than 6,000 speeding citations, almost 1,400 tickets for seat belt and child safety restraint violations, and 825 citations for driving without insurance.

While it helpful to have more officers in the road, it is important to remember that not every arrest is a legitimate arrest. There are many individuals who are mistakenly assumed to be guilty of crimes that they never actually committed, which can lead to wrongful arrests and wrongful convictions. Oftentimes, these types of outcomes are due to errors made by law enforcement officers, or even technical failures (such as inaccurate readings from faulty breathalyzer devices).

It is crucial that any individual accused of DWI obtain help from a DWI attorney who has the right level of experience. If you end up facing these types of charges in the Fort Bend area—whether during Memorial Day weekend or any other time—I can provide you with assistance. I am a Fort Bend criminal defense attorney who handles DWI charges and many other types of criminal charges. Contact my office, the Law Office of John L. Venza Jr., so I can help you protect your rights!

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