Memorial Day DWI?

Holidays are the perennial goldmine for law enforcement officers looking for drivers operating their motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. From the 4th of July to Memorial Day, there is typically no shortage of drivers who are pulled over and cited for a DWI. This is due in large part to the increased focus law enforcement officials put upon identifying inebriated drivers with DWI checkpoints. While it is no mystery that such a charge is very serious in nature, there are ways to fight it. But your window of opportunity to act is quickly closing.

The State of Texas has the right take revoke your license within 15 days if there is no contesting of the charge. This is referred to as the Administrative License Revocation process (ALR). Because of this, time is absolutely of the essence in contacting and retaining a DWI Lawyer in Fort Bend to take your case on. There are many angles to attack a DWI charge and prove it may have been unjust; from scrutinizing the officer's reasoning and conduct prior to and during your stop, to reviewing the evidence and the means in which that evidence was procured there are no shortage of ways to fight a DWI charge. This is where having an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on your side is essential.

Prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney, I served as an Assistant District Attorney for the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office as well as the Brazoria County District Attorney's Office. During this time, I prosecuted countless DWI charges among other charges. This intimate prosecution knowledge gives me the insight and understanding of the prosecution's case against you and how to defend against their attacks.

If you find need a DWI lawyer in Fort Bend County or any surrounding area including Sugar Land, call my office immediately. As I explained above, the sooner you act can have a heavy effect on the outcome of your case. Don't leave your freedom and ability to drive to chance. Contact my firm today for a free consultation with a tried and true DWI attorney.

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