Attorney Venza Helps Client Avoid Jail Time

Attorney John L. Venza Jr. helped his client receive 10 years’ probation from a Montgomery County court after he pleaded guilty to two charges of online solicitation of a minor.

The client was involved in two separate sting operations where uncover officers posed as minors on the internet.

According to court records, he was arrested after attempting to meet with a 15-year-old girl in July 2013. Then in May 2014, he was arrested after attempting to meet with another 15-year-old girl and her mother.

However, Attorney Venza presented evidence at trial that the Montgomery County’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force used tactics to “lure” his client into exchanging emails and text messages that led to his arrests, such as placing ads on Cragislist promoting a sexual encounter with an “18-year-old girl.” When communication is established, the “female” later admits to being underage and asks the adult if he would still want to continue the relationship.

The client didn’t have a criminal history. Attorney Venza said that he had “mental issues,” making him vulnerable to that type of enticement. When it came to the second case, the client stopped communicating with the “minor”—a fact that was repeated by law enforcement officials.

Attorney Venza told the court that his client is unlikely to become a reoffender. He said real pedophiles often have child pornography on their computers or cellphones.

Not only did the police not find any evidence of child pornography his client’s cell phones and computers, but there is also no evidence that he had actively sought a sexual encounter with a minor. The client originally served 10 months in jail on bond.

With nearly two decades of legal experience, Attorney Venza has helped countless clients obtain the best possible results. No matter what type of criminal charges you face in Fort Bend County, TX, contact the Law Office of John L. Venza Jr. today and schedule a free consultation.

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