Understanding the Law in Regards to Cultivation of Marijuana

The cultivation of marijuana involves the growing and harvesting of leaves from cannabis buds. This activity is against the law in Texas. You can be arrested and charged with drug possession if you grow marijuana in your home, but the criminal liability of your family is a different matter. Only under specific conditions will they be forced to face criminal prosecution.

Aiding and abetting

If you live alone, grow marijuana in a space that you have made off-limits to everyone, and told no one of your illegal actions, then none of your loved ones has anything to worry about. The situation is more difficult if you live with your relatives or have a family of your own and grow marijuana on the premises. It is harder to keep such a secret because you cannot indefinitely keep someone from going anywhere they like in their own home.

According to Texas law, anyone who is found to have helped someone commit or conceal a crime is subject to being charged with the entirety of that crime. However, aiding and abetting is sometimes hard for police and prosecutors to prove. The authorities must show that your family member knew about the crime and actively worked to help you carry it out and conceal it.

Why your family members will need a lawyer

If you have been busted for growing marijuana and believe that the authorities have all they need to convict you, it is still possible to protect your family. A skilled Fort Bend criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of John L. Venza Jr. can work on their defense so that they do not go down for your actions.

Details are important in this situation. The drug crime defense attorney that you hire will be eager to hear what your family members have to say about their role, or lack thereof, in what you did. They will want your family members to recount the circumstances that led to your arrest. The lawyer will ask them very specific questions about what they knew and when. If your family members suspected or knew about your illegal activity but took no part in it, our attorneys may be able to keep them from being charged.

No matter the particulars of the situation, your family will need legal counsel. You should call the Law Offices of John L. Venza Jr. to speak with a skilled, determined, and highly experienced Fort Bend drug crime defense attorney who can provide your family members with the advice and representation they need in this difficult time.

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