$2M Worth of Marijuana Plants Seized in Fort Bend Drug Bust

Law enforcement officials out of Fort Bend County in Texas are stating that multiple suspects have been arrested in a drug bust operation. The drug bust is particularly noteworthy in that the Sheriff’s Office claims to have located and seized more than $2,000,000 worth of marijuana plants and related gear.

According to the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force, several homes were labeled as suspected “grow houses” throughout Fort Bend County and Harris County. Authorities have released four specific neighborhood blocks that were listed as suspect. The search warrants issued to law enforcement officials were apparently approved in September.

At least three of the homes searched have been confirmed as grow houses with ample equipment used for the cultivation and growth of marijuana in large quantities. Weapons and cash stores were also allegedly found at these same three homes. A fourth location searched by the task force allegedly contained multitudes of marihuana plants. It is not known at this time if other homes were searched within the same drug bust operation but did not yield arrests.

Between the 750+ marihuana plants and stockpiles of equipment, the agents believe the total value of the operation must be greater than $2 million. At least three suspects have been charged with felony drug offenses, including possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. It is believed that the preliminary charges will be expanded upon in due time, possibly including drug trafficking and drug distribution charges. Penalties upon conviction of just one felony are likely to include at least one year of prison time. The more severe and numerous the charges, the greater the prison sentence and fines.

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