Drug Penalties: Do Amounts Really Matter?

Drug offenses are impacted by several factors including the type of drug involved in the crime, the accused’s intent with the drugs (selling vs. using), where the drugs are found, and so on. However, are Texas drug penalties really impacted by the amount of drugs found on the person? Our Fort Bend County criminal defense attorney has the answer!

Do Amounts Impact Drug Charges?

In short, the answer is yes. The number of drugs on someone’s person or in someone’s possession will impact the charges against them. For example, possessing a small amount of marijuana (like less than 2oz) may lead to a Texas Class B misdemeanor. While a Class B misdemeanor is a serious offense, it’s not as severe as other offenses.

However, if someone has more than 4oz of marijuana in their possession, the charge may lead to a state jail felony. This charge could result in more than a year of imprisonment for the accused, but it’s only twice the amount of marijuana as the Class B misdemeanor charge!

As another example, let’s look at the charges for possession of hallucinogens. If someone possesses less than a gram of a hallucinogen under Penalty Group 2, the accused could be charged with a Texas state jail felony (180 days-2 years in jail.) However, if the accused has more than a gram of Penalty Group 2 hallucinogens, he or she could face a degree felony (2-20 years in jail.)

Secure Representation Regardless of the Amount

Whether you’re charged for possessing 1oz of marijuana or 4 grams of hallucinogens, it’s beneficial to hire a drug offenses attorney for your case. The Law Office of John L. Venza Jr. has decades of experience representing clients through their drug charges. If you’re ready to have relentless criminal defense on your side, contact attorney John L. Venza Jr. today!

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