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In Sugar Land, as in other parts of Texas, the majority of us take the game of football seriously. Imagine going into a game knowing precisely how your opponent prepared their defensive and offensive strategies. How advantageous would it be to know exactly what made another team win or lose games? What if your coach had held the same position at an opponent's school for years and now coached for you? Any of us would likely look favorably upon such a situation.

Shortly after graduating from South Texas College of Law in Houston, I began work as a prosecutor for the State of Texas. Over a 5 year period, I negotiated pleas for hundreds of cases and tried dozens more on a large variety of misdemeanor and felony charges. During this time I was involved with cases from speeding tickets to family violence and murder charges. I quickly moved from Class C misdemeanors as a Justice Court prosecutor up to a District Court prosecutor who solely worked on felony cases. When I resigned my position, I was the senior prosecutor in a felony court and I went out on top.

After my time as a prosecutor I started in private practice, founding the Law Office of John L. Venza Jr. I work exclusively on criminal defense for individuals charged with offenses of many types from money laundering, assault, crimes against police and drug offenses to kidnapping and child endangerment, sex crimes and weapons offenses. I know how law enforcement compiles evidence against you. I know the methods used by prosecutors to win cases. I also understand the mistakes that police and prosecutors can make and how to utilize these errors to your benefit. I spent years honing my negotiating and prosecuting skills while working for the government and gained a reputation as a tenacious, hard-hitting prosecutor. These same abilities are now used, as a knowledgeable Sugar Land criminal defense lawyer, to defend the rights and freedoms of individuals charged with crimes. My firm knows the opposition's playbook.

Proven Assistance for Probation Violations, Drug Possession and Other Charges

If you are accused of a criminal act, it is a long way from being convicted or having to face the severest penalties the criminal justice system can give out. Recognizing that all cases and circumstances are different, a specific result cannot be guaranteed. You can, however, be confident in my commitment to your case and the hard work I put forth for all my clients. I have an established record of success that speaks to my effectiveness.

I go to work quickly on your case, conducting my own complete and detailed investigation into the alleged evidence against you. I interview witnesses, examine physical evidence and do my own on-site research into what occurred. At the start, I look closely at the legality of how the evidence in your case was gathered and your arrest. If there are legal flaws, I endeavor to use these to get your charges dismissed. I have obtained dismissals in such cases as DWI/intoxication offenses, theft, assault, drug possession, family violence, probation violations and many more.

In some instances, a dismissal is not achievable or advisable in your case. I then strive to get your charges reduced through effective plea bargaining and have successfully done this in numerous cases. At the same time, I prepare your case to go to trial. Many times, the best outcome results when I bring your case into court and work for an acquittal. My firm also provides accomplished legal services in bail reduction hearings plus nondisclosure and expunctions of arrest records and other areas related to criminal offenses.

You retain specific rights and freedoms, regardless of what you have been charged with. One of the most important of these is the right to remain silent. You must identify yourself if you have been arrested. Beyond that, you do not have to talk to police or investigators and I strongly advise against this. As a former prosecutor, I know that law enforcement is skilled at getting a defendant to make statements that can be used to obtain a conviction.

You also have the right to the attorney of your choice. Having worked in the criminal justice system for many years, I know that you may need my help at any time of the day or day of the week. I therefore make myself available to you on evenings and weekends. Frequently, the work that I do at the start of your case goes far in producing a final, successful conclusion.

Contact a Sugar Land criminal defense attorney from my firm for knowledgeable, effective legal representation.

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