Students Under Attack for Drug Crimes

Texas lawmakers continue to increase penalties all drug crimes College students can have their opportunities permanently destroyed if charged and convicted of a drug related offense. This year, a drug bust at TCU led to 15 college students being arrested at the end of a six-month investigation. Law enforcement and drug crime task forces are heavily involved in placing undercover officers on college campuses to help to identify any students that are engaged in selling or distributing illegal substances, whether marijuana cocaine ecstasy, prescription drugs or other drugs.

Drug sting operations usually involve one or more young narcotics officers who play the part of a student. They go out of their way to make friends with other students, attend parties, and act in a manner to instill trust among their "new friends." Their sole purpose is to get evidence of illegal drug sales, and they make their way through the college social community until they find who they believe is supplying the drugs. Many young people can face serious and long term consequences if caught in one of these undercover operations.

The colleges are usually participants in these undercover operations. As it can take many months of police work to gain enough information, the investigation can last for months or longer. If you are a college student and have been arrested and charged with any drug crime, it is imperative that you have legal representation from a highly qualified drug crime defense lawyer. The penalties and consequences can vary widely, based upon the skill of the Fort Bend drug crime attorney that is representing you.

Get help from The Law Office of John L. Venza Jr. in any drug crime. Mr. Venza is a former prosecutor, a trial attorney, and is relentless in protecting the rights of his clients.

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