Two Texas Men Arrested After Sheriff's Deputies Uncover Meth During a Routine Traffic Stop

On January 28th, 2013, a Lawrence County Sheriff's deputy thought he was making a routine traffic stop for a simple tint violation. When he approached the vehicle and began speaking with the occupants, 62-year-old Bobby Nichols of Austin, Texas and 47-year-old Hershel Hawkins of Horseshoe Bay, Texas, the deputy noticed both men seemed quite nervous and their bodies were shaking. As a result, deputies completed a full search of the vehicle and uncovered approximately 117 grams of meth ice and a glass pipe that still had meth ice inside. Before deputies began searching the men themselves, Hawkins reportedly spoke up to reveal that he had meth ice on his person. Deputies found 10 additional grams of meth ice in his pocket. Both men were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Anyone facing drug charges in Fort Bend needs to know their freedom and future are at stake. That is why, whether you are currently under investigation, or you have already been arrested for charges of the manufacture, delivery or possession of a controlled substance, , it is extremely important you contact my firm as soon as possible. An inexperienced attorney, who does not have an intimate understanding of the Texas Controlled Substances Act ("the Act"), or know that the Act is not only highly detailed, but is being revised on a continuous basis, could end up having a negative, rather than positive, impact on your case. Any Fort Bend County arrest for possession of a controlled substance should be managed with the highest level of legal skill.

The most effective way to defend yourself against criminal drug charges is to have an experienced Fort Bend criminal defense attorney on your side. As a former Assistant District Attorney for the State of Texas, and proven defense attorney, I have the in-depth knowledge and expertise you want representing your case. I personally manage every detail of the cases I take on. If I represent you, expect to have my full expertise at your disposal. When you contact my firm, I will review your case, analyze the evidence and facts surrounding your arrest, evaluate the best course of action to pursue, and advise you of the aggressive strategies we could employ in your defense.

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