Two Bank Heists in One Day, Both near Sugarland

Three men entered a Fort Bend County bank Wednesday morning armed with handguns and wearing ski masks, hoods and blue latex gloves to mask their identities. A fourth man waited outside in a getaway vehicle. The three men called out for cash in the bank, and made off with an undisclosed amount. Once securing the cash, the men met up with their accomplice and successfully raced away in the stolen vehicle. The vehicle, later to be described as a Dodge truck was later left abandoned down the road. About a half hour later, another bank was robbed, this time in Harris County. No word has yet been given on whether these crimes are related or not. There were no reported injuries.

Being charged with robbery is serious enough, as it is a second degree felony. The actual crime of robbery involves inflicting or threatening physical harm while committing a theft. A sentence could carry a penalty of as many as 20 years in prison. A weapons offense on its own can also carry severe penalties and a theft that involves a deadly weapon is called aggravated robbery. Aggravated robbery is an escalated charge that can involve causing serious harm, or threatening an elderly or disabled person. If you are charged with aggravated robbery in Fort Bend, then you could be facing a 1st degree felony charge. This could mean 5 to 99 years in prison or even a life sentence, plus up to $10,000 in fines.

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