Favorable Points in Your Bail Hearing Presentation

The bail hearing can be very important to your case. It is very difficult to fight a case from behind bars. Sugar Land criminal attorneys often assist defendants with their bail hearing presentations. Experienced lawyers know how to show their clients in the most favorable light.

Sugar Land Criminal Attorneys and Your Employment History

Sugar Land criminal lawyers often demonstrate any positive employment history their client may have, such as holding a particular job for a long time. They may also stress that a client is likely to lose their job after a lengthy prison term – and possibly health insurance benefits their family needs along with it.

Sugar Land Criminal Attorneys and Your Family Ties

Your Sugar Land criminal attorney may also stress your present family ties to the court. Far from an attempt to pull at the court's heartstrings, this tactic posits that responsible family members will see you return to court as scheduled. Attorneys can also mention that if you live with any family members and are even partially responsible for rent or mortgage payments, you and your family may become homeless if you are jailed.

You May Need a Sugar Land Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime, it is very important that you have an experienced and dedicated Sugar Land criminal lawyer in your corner. Call John Venza at 281-971-5660. He is available to discuss your case and the possibility of representation.

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