Release after a Fraud Offense Arrest

If you have been arrested for a fraud offense or other white collar crime, your Sugar Land criminal attorney should not have much difficulty securing your release while you await trial. If you are released, you should be prepared for there to be certain conditions you must abide by to remain free.

Your Sugar Land Criminal Attorney's Proposal
It is best if your Sugar Land criminal attorney waits until the prosecution has suggested collateral and conditions for your release before making his own proposal. This can be beneficial if the prosecutor offers to release you on your own recognizance or on an unsecured bond.

Conditions of Release
Part of the prosecutor's proposal may include a condition of home detention or travel restriction. If this occurs, your Sugar Land criminal lawyer will argue to have this restriction removed. You may be required to pay a higher cash bond in lieu of a condition of this nature, but most find it worth the price to maintain the ability to work.

Paying Restitution
One way your Sugar Land criminal attorney may be able to secure your release is by promising that you will work to earn money toward restitution to your victims if you are found guilty.

How an Attorney Can Help
It is important to speak to a Sugar Land criminal lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest so that you are represented at every stage of the criminal process. Contact John Venza today at 281-971-5660 for more information about how he can help.

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