A Sugar Land DWI Lawyer Describes Factors That Are Helpful to a DWI Defense

As any Sugar Land DWI lawyer will tell you, DWI cases are rarely simple. But that doesn't mean you can't beat the charges. A good Sugar Land DWI attorney has an arsenal of tactics to employ to help you fight DWI charges.

Having Good Witnesses Can Help You Beat the Charges

It is impossible to be convicted of DWI if the state cannot prove that you were driving. Unfortunately, there is always at least one witness in every DWI case -- the arresting officer. He or she is certainly not going to voluntarily help you with your defense by testifying that you were not operating the vehicle.

Instead, your Sugar Land DWI lawyer must find out if there are any other witnesses to your alleged operation of the motor vehicle. If there are witnesses who back up your claim that you were not operating the motor vehicle, your Sugar Land DWI attorney must interview them as soon as possible.

Do Not Make Any Statements or Admissions to the Arresting Officer

When the police officer questions you about the number of alcoholic drinks you have consumed, the time period during which they were consumed, and whether you were operating a motor vehicle, you do not need to answer. You are not required to respond to the officer's questions. However, if you do make any statements or admissions, be sure to let your Sugar Land DWI lawyer know so that he or she can prepare a proper defense.

Call a Sugar Land DWI Attorney Today

Choosing the right Sugar Land DWI lawyer who understands what you're going through is extremely important. If you need help with a drunk driving charge, call John Venza today at 281-971-5660 to schedule an initial consultation.

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