Attorney Venza gets Client's Bigamy Charge Dismissed

A Fort Bend grand jury indicted a 62-year old man in February of bigamy. The man's wife in Tacoma, Washington says the issue arose in 2012 when she was contacted over the phone by a Texas woman purporting to be the man's wife. The couple was initially from Washington but the accused was transferred to Texas for work before the couple separated, but did not divorce, in 2006.

The man's wife then learned her husband had married a Fort Bend County woman in 2009 and when the two filed for divorce, she received part of the man's retirement. The first wife back in Washington claims his second wife was not entitled to this money.

The man faced third-degree felony bigamy charges which can include 2 to 10 years in state prison and up to $10,000 in fines. John Venza is defending his client, who acknowledged the rarity of prosecuting a bigamy case in Fort Bend County, saying the effort to prosecute his client appeared like a "colossal waste of time and resources."

John L. Venza Jr. made his case successfully as the case was dismissed on April 13. If you are arrested in Fort Bend, call on the Law Office of John L. Venza, Jr. I have prosecutorial experience and can outmaneuver those trying to convict you. Call a Fort Bend County criminal defense attorney from my firm today for your free consultation!

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