Defending Against Enhanced Penalties for Drug Crimes

If you were recently charged with a drug-related crime in Texas, you should contact a Sugar Land criminal attorney right away. Drug crimes are one of the most heavily-litigated issues facing the courts today. In an attempt to lessen this type of criminal activity, the legislature has imposed a number of opportunities for judges to enhance the punishment for a drug-related crime. By working with a Sugar Land criminal attorney, you increase your chances of avoiding sentence enhancements, either through a reduction or dismissal of charges or by enrolling in a Direct Education using Voluntary Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment (DIVERT) program.

Sentence Enhancements for Drug Offenses

Under the Texas Penal Code, your basic sentence is decided upon by the quantity of drugs associated with your charge, the type of drug involved, and whether you were involved in the same of drugs. From there, the judge can attached additional jail time or fines based on any of the following factors:

  • Interstate or cross-border (international) distribution of drugs
  • Whether you are a leader or organizer of drug activity
  • Whether your acts constitute part of a conspiracy
  • The presence of weapons either at the time of your arrest or in your home
  • Possession or distribution in a drug-free school zone
  • Use of a child in the commission of an offense

A drug-related charge with a number of sentencing enhancements could result in a first-degree felony, carrying a possible jail sentence of anywhere between five and 99 years in jail. With this kind of punishment on the line, do not risk your freedom and contact a Sugar Land criminal attorney today.

Contact an Experienced Drug Offense Defense Attorney Today

Attorney John Venza can assist you if you are facing a drug charge with a possible penalty enhancement. Contact his office today for a consultation: 281-971-5660.

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