A Fort Bend Criminal Lawyer on Testifying at Your Bail Hearing

When a person is charged with a crime it is far better to be able to fight the case from the outside rather than while in custody. You may feel it is a good idea to testify at your bail hearing, but there are reasons it may not be wise. A Fort Bend County Lawyer will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages or testifying and help you decide your best option.

A Fort Bend Criminal Attorney Knows Your Testimony Can Be Used Against You

A Sugar Land criminal lawyer will tell clients that any testimony they offer can actually be held against them. This can be done even though you are supposed to have the right against self-incrimination. Your Fort Bend criminal attorney can ask that he court not use any bail hearing testimony against you at trial. However, the court is in no way bound to honor such a request.

Your Fort Bend Criminal Attorney and Source Hearings

If you post bail and the court reasonably thinks the money came from an illegal source, it can have a hearing to investigate where the funds came from. This is called a "source hearing," and it may not be decided in your favor. The court can call witnesses who may testify against you with regards to where you received the money to post bail.

Do You Have Questions for a Sugar Land Criminal Attorney?

If you have more questions about bail hearings, talk to Sugar Land criminal lawyer John Venza at 281-971-5660.

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