Consequences of Arrest for a Crime

After a person is arrested, life can become very difficult for him, as well as for his family. If you are charged with a crime, it is essential that you have a dedicated and aggressive Sugar Land criminal defense attorney in your corner.

Short- and Long-Term Consequences of Arrest

There are many short- and long-term consequences of an arrest. While the courts may say that one is "innocent till proven guilty," even the appearance of criminal charges can drastically alter a person's life. Suspicion may cause others to act differently around him and lead to relationships being altered and anger being misplaced.

If, for example, someone is accused of manslaughter for a hit and run, even if there is no proof, emotions may cause the victim's family to see an arrest as a sign of definitive guilt. Misplaced anger and the need for answers can create a complicated situation that may have a negative impact on every aspect of the victim's life. Jobs can be lost, relationships can be changed, and everyday life can become a nightmare.

How We Can Help

A good Sugar Land criminal defense attorney can, however, help you turn things around and regain your dignity. John Venza is a former prosecutor who spent five years trying criminal cases for the state and now uses his prosecutorial knowledge and relentless, hard-hitting attitude to give his clients the highest quality legal representation.

If you are facing criminal charges, Sugar Land criminal defense attorney John Venza will look out for your best interests and fight for your rights. Call today at 281-971-5660.

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