A Sugar Land Criminal Lawyer Who Will Fight for You

Are you looking for quality legal representation? When you are charged with a crime, you will need someone who is dedicated to getting you the representation you deserve, an attorney who knows how the prosecution operates. Sugar Land criminal lawyer John Venza has defended the accused throughout southeast Texas, including Brazoria, Wharton, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Harris, and Matagorda counties.

Prosecution Experience

With five years of prosecution experience for the State of Texas, Sugar Land criminal lawyer John Venza knows what the government will do and how it will act to get a conviction. As a former district attorney, Mr. Venza will do what it takes to beat the government at its own game. On-site investigations and interviews with multiple witnesses will help to make your case as strong as possible. An experienced eye-combing through the evidence against you will expose any errors made and give your attorney further ammunition to fight for your exoneration.

Your Freedom Is at Stake

Don't let the government take your life from you. So many aspects of your everyday life are at stake—your reputation, ability to retain employment, and relationships all hang in the balance once you have been arrested. A hard-hitting defense is what you need to counter government lawyers and secure your freedom. John Venza's experience, knowledge, and tireless dedication will all work together for you and your rights.

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Don't wait until it's too late. Call Sugar Land criminal lawyer John Venza now at 281-971-5660 and get the representation you deserve.

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