Family Found Trafficking Cocaine in Fort Bend County

The Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force has been investigating a family that was suspected of trafficking cocaine, ranging from grandson to grandmother. The 4 adult family members were arrested, including the mother, her daughter, son and his wife. Police believe that the 13 year-old child of the couple was involved as well. He was referred to the Children's Protection Agency and the Juvenile Division of the D.A.'s office.

Law enforcement officials began the search back in 2009, when they investigated the family's house and found evidence of cocaine. The father was supposedly the ring leader in the operation, being the financial sponsor and the one in charge of obtaining the drugs. He has charged with possession of a controlled substance and intent to deliver. The grandmother was responsible for taking the orders; she was also charged with possession and intent to deliver.

The two younger women were identified as the ones who packaged the drugs and then distributed them. They were given the same charges as their other family members. In addition, the mother, father, and grandmother of the boy were charged with child endangerment. If convicted, the adults could be given penalties of a first-degree felony. They are currently being held in the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Detention Facility with a bond set for $75,000 for the offense of possession. The three who were indicted for child endangerment had an additional $15,000 added to their bond, making a total of $90,000.

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